What to do after retirement

Image result for retireeUntil this moment of your retirement, have you been able to live it as you had wished? Whether you are about to retire and only have a few months, weeks or even a few days left for your work period within a company to come to an end.

It may be that you are already living this period, and you are now at home enjoying a few days off, we strongly recommend that you read this article to its end as it is made especially for you.  

One of the biggest concerns of people who will retire in a short time is “How will I get money?”. In my experience I can tell you that I know many of them who are confident of the income they will have through their pension.

Of course, it is completely valid to think about just wanting to enjoy their days of rest while they are with family, children and grandchildren, finally the pension is an income that will not be missing for the next years of life, however, I also know of many cases in which the opposite happens.

One of the greatest effects and psychological impacts of retirement is the fact of feeling “unproductive or useless”, of course, this is derived from the fact that throughout a lifetime they were dedicated to a specific activity.

In some cases; It is evident that going from a completely active life to a stage where every day is free and completely yours can become a shock for anyone. Here the importance of the previous planning to know what is the plan for this stage of life that is precious.

For many people, retirement is only a change of stage and for no reason is it to reach a certain age, much less the end of their productive stage.

There are a lot of adults who think the opposite and decide that they want to continue working in some way and generating income for their well-being and that of their family.

Generally this event happens for different reasons, many people had the fortune of starting to work from a young age and then, although they have worked for 40 years or more, even then at the time of retirement they are very young.

What makes them at this stage are full of energy and above all, can generate new ideas for the creation of strategies that feed their future.

Another reason why retired people or about to retire want to continue immersed in working life is to avoid feeling “a burden”.

As we mentioned above, going from being 100% active to the other extreme where they no longer produce as before, generates negative emotions that can lead to sadness and even depression.

Actually, there are multiple ways in which a person can react to the time of retirement, but if your desire is to continue generating income regardless of the reason, then here is a list of possible solutions you can implement in your life :

Start or join a blog: Digitally, there are more and more ways to earn money. One of them is through advertising that occupies an important place within web pages or blogs with high demand.

Whether you decide to join the team of a blog already created and with a career or you start writing your own. If you dedicate the necessary time, you could quickly position it with content of social interest.

Do you like to write? Do you like photography? There are many options to create content within the web, you can choose the one you like most and achieve a place where everyone wants to place advertisements.

Commercials and TV shows: It may seem strange and probably is an option that you never imagined doing. There are many modeling agencies that solicit people of certain ages and on many occasions they do it for castings where men and women between 55 and 65 ask.

It is likely to sound crazy but in addition to having fun, you could generate good extra income through a job that will also give you time to continue with your life plans.

Bed & Breakfast: To generate this type of income you do not need much effort, in fact you can do it from the comfort of your home. These services translate into the rent of one bedroom per night that includes breakfast.

You can do it if you have space availability and also if the location of your house is close to tourist sites or airports. Currently there are mobile applications where you can rent and reserve houses or spaces to stay while you are traveling. You could in the possibility of joining one of them.

Apply for an ideal credit for retirees: The important thing is that you never stop looking for options, however, a credit is an excellent opportunity to get the easy, fast and safe money that will change your life during retirement.

There are some institutions that can help you and provide financing but you should be careful in the type of loan they give you since your needs and possibilities are completely different and you should pay close attention to these details to avoid future complications where your income will be involved .